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Principal's Desk

It is imperative for a Nation's development that its citizens are not only be educated but also know their rights and duties and follow them with utmost honesty and sincerity. With this objective in mind, we have laid the foundation of MRD Teacher's Training College under the aegis of Smt. Moti Raj Devi Trust. MRD Trust has always been in the forefront for.contributing its might in the social development and progress of the State and the nation. In this age,knowledge is the key to the solution of all the problems of the society and its development. and this knowledge comes from the teachers. Hence, ourthis endeavour. Teachers are the backbone of any society, and the stronger this backbone, the stronger would be the society and the nation. We would strive to produce teachers who are the masters of their subject, carriers of our rich traditions, have clear vision, strong character and be full of compassion and knowledge. Only then we can prepare students capable of building the society and the nation and be known as model citizens. Let the people be the judge of our success towards this aim.