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By the grace of God, The educational Institutions run by the MRD Trust have attained the status of a large Bunyan tree. Our educational institutions are preading the light of Education in all directions and have become instrumental in developing social unity and national integration Our Institutions have earned kudos in all walks of the society. As a natural corollary of producing brilliant students, we have now taken a step toward producing ideal Teachers. With this mission in mind we have started the MRD Teacher's Training College. Our endeavor is to prepare Teachers capable of producing students who can become pioneers of building and taking our nation to a newer glory. We are in process of acquiring a dedicated team of teaching professionals and we hope that our this new endeavor would be as successful as our previous endeavors towards upliftment of the society through the light of Education. Personally, the goal of my life has always been working for the betterment of our nation, our society, and this is also a step in that direction. I hope that the posterity would judge my efforts and if the judgement is in my favor, I would have attained my life's aim.